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helpwanted-icon*PTSA Vice President (Shared Position)  for the new year- One VP already on board

*PTSA Staff Appreciation Chairperson

*School Climate Committee

*Parents to assist with supporting the Creative and Performing Arts at LMS

Can you volunteer?  Please contact our PTA President Lynn Amano for more information!

We are recruiting for the 2016/2017 school year!  The LMS-PTSA will be supporting our Loiederman community throughout the school year.  We hope you will consider giving a bit of your time to support the LMS-PTSA.

Loiederman is a busy, vibrant community.  With our Arts programming, there are a lot of activities going on all the time.  There are many performances, concerts, and rehearsals going on.  Given this, our PTSA is not involved in a lot of event planning as is done on the elementary school level.  The basics of the LMS-PTSA volunteering are:

  1. Support and fund programs that support the school including:
    1. Curriculum support
    2. Educational supports
    3. Support for Arts Programming
  2. Help support communication between the school and parents
    1. Maintain an updated PTSA Website
    2. Maintain a community List serve
    3. Communicate with Administration about school concerns or issues that arise
  3. General and Board meetings
    1. Host at a General PTSA Meeting once per month
    2. Meet once  month as a board to review PTSA business
      1. LMS Administration is included in these once a month meetings.  The Principal reports to parents about current school matters, concerns, issues, or opportunities.  Administration includes parents on current needs in the school and may ask for PTSA input/assistance
  4. Maintain a basic budget that allows for financial support to the school
    1. Provide staff/teachers with the opportunity to apply for PTSA funds (Mini-Grants)
    2. Fundraise enough to support our general budget and Mini-Grants
  5. Maintain any requirements needed from MD-PTSA
  6. Work to build PTSA Membership in the community
    1. Building a membership within the LMS staff, parent, and student community makes up a large portion of our budget needs that then support the programming needs within the school.

These are the basics of what the LMS-PTSA does.  Other inititives or ideas may come and go as per the direction of the LMS-PTSA board.  Please consider giving your time and efforts to support our community!

General ways YOU can support our school:

  • Join PTSA!  The most basic way we build our budget is our membership.  Our budget is used to fund school activities, programs, and grants for teachers/staff.  We understand that as children grow, especially in middle school, the demands on families increase as they begin involvement in various activities.  Please become a member as it helps fund direct support to the school!
  • Support our direct donation drive! This year we will host a direct donation drive.  No fundraising packets or things to sell.  We simply ask for a one time donation to support our Mini-Grant cycle.  Staff and teachers can submit a grant application to the PTSA.  We review these grants and fund special projects, classroom purchases, new equipment (dance shoes, instruments, etc), after school enrichment programs…. whatever teachers or the school need that they cannot get due to budgeting constraints.
  • Come to our meetings! Try to make it to our monthly meetings.  Keeping connected with our community is easy . . . keep abreast of school issues, concerns, and more!
  • Volunteer! As part of an arts magnet, there are SO MANY activities going on with various departments.  Our PTSA in general does not plan or host many events, but occasionally we reach out to our community for donations to support our staff appreciation events or calls for volunteers for community events planned by the school.  Choose one and volunteer!  Your efforts will directly affect the school and school climate.
  • Share your concerns! Our PTSA Board members meet with school administrators on a monthly basis.  We are a direct line to the school in regards to many issues, including school climate, events, concerns, and more.  We are part of the decision making process when changes occur to the school.  The main role of PTSA is to be a part of this process.  You can be a part of this too!

General Duties of Board Members by position:


The president is responsible for the overall functioning of the PTA in accordance with national PTA bylaws. She/he maintains contact with the school principal, other board members, and the RT community. She/he helps coordinate the monthly agenda for the PTA meeting and the executive board meeting, and presides over those meetings. She/he provides leadership for PTA sponsored activities.

Vice President (Communications) OPEN POSITION

The vice president assists the president in carrying out PTA functions. She/he helps coordinate communication between PTA committees and the president. The vice president fills in for the president when necessary.  The VP of communications helps maintain contact between the LMS Administrators and staff needs or school events with the community of parents.

Vice President (Membership)

The vice president assists the president in carrying out PTA functions. She/he helps coordinate communication between PTA committees and the president. The vice president fills in for the president when necessary. The VP of membership coordinates our PTA Membership, which includes soliciting membership commitments from parents, students, and staff.  He/she sends a membership information to those that join, and maintains membership records.


The treasurer maintains the PTA bank account, makes authorized disbursements of PTA funds, presents financial statements at PTA meetings and performs other duties in accordance with PTA bylaws. The treasurer and president work together to regularly review t nhe PTA’s financial situation.


The secretary records the minutes of PTA meetings and executive board meetings and makes them accessible to the entire community. The secretary maintains a current membership list and assists in notifying members of PTA announcements and business.



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